Monday, February 15, 2010

Holiday Fruit

What seemed like only a few days ago, I spent painting a series of fruit paintings for Christmas Gifts. I did not want to post them here until after Christmas, so I did not ruin the surprise to my unsuspecting relatives. Procrastination had less to do with this delay, than the many other things I had to do since Christmas. Like move, perform at Sample night Live, teaching 19 art classes per week, unpack, and finish other delayed art projects.

In between new webcomics, I'll finally catch up with a number of other art projects that I have to show you. While I do that, I'll be starting brand new projects and I'll be telling you all about those in due time.

What do you think of these acrylic still lifes featuring the classic 'pair' of an apple and a pair?


Thetoymakers said...

These are lovely! Great use of color! What are the dimensions? I really like the second one. I can see you marketing these to cafes and diners.


Anonymous said...

Love the paintings ... making me hungry!

Kris said...

Colors on the second one are great. Cool paintings.

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