Sunday, January 3, 2010

Leaving Town

It is that time of year for me; leaving for Jamestown, North Dakota. For the last five years I have spent a portion of my year as an artist in residence in North Dakota. Before I go, I have one last art show, Sample Night Live:

At this show I will have a 7 minute art kill performance, I will be inviting the audience to an art hunt during intermission to find free miniature art, and also displaying new works in the lobby. Sample Night Live features 12 live acts from local groups and the whole thing takes place in the history theatre in St. Paul.

My 6 month residency in Jamestown will provide me a chance to do more Canvas Kill Live webcam shows and work on other projects. Make sure you are subscribed to my blog or on my mailing list to get all the updates. I have also been accepted to the North Dakota council on the arts roster, which makes me eligible for a wider range of residencies in North Dakota in the future.

As I begin packing and preparing for this Wednesday show, I hope you can make it out to Sample Night Live! It's is always best to leave Minnesota with a bang.


jx said...

sorry we didn't make a madison trip work out before you leave. this event sounds great.

Semke said...

Fabulous job. I'm gonna miss you again!

here was my shot

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