Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Earth Back- 3 human earth turtle designs

I was trying to decide what to put into this comic, and was looking at some of my sketches from work. I just couldn't resist simply drawing those sketches into the comic. This was my idea to have movable hydroponic gardens that people could travel with. Homeless could use them as shelters and a source of food, and people could take their gardens for walks or hikes. It would be a very easily transportable food source.

I also wrote about this idea more on my immortality blog Zombie Robot Frosting.


Kris said...

Neat idea! I like the design of the 1st and 3rd ones. Only problem I see would be the weight, which I now see you were trying to solve. Dirt(unless completely dried out) or water in that amount would be insanely heavy. The wheel design seems like a great idea to me.

The other week I had an idea when I was half awake in the morning, of a guy who walks around carrying two huge pine trees in a backpack. Totally fictional, but sort of similar.

William Hessian said...

i really like the pine tree idea as an illustration. my idea is half fiction half real idea, but its one of those concept drawings that probably doesnt make much sense if you tried to really make it.

do you think odd concepts like this are alright for a webcomic like mine?

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