Sunday, June 14, 2009

Crazy portrait artist in Winnepeg

The Fork in Winnipeg was the location of our family vacation road trip this year. We went at the end of winter, and could write 50 semi exciting stories about crossing the border with my nervous authority fearing parents, or about how awesome it was that people could ice skate on ice paths to the Forks to go shopping in the mall. However, since this is my art blog, I just wanted to feature a unique very Waldo-esque man (especially his black rimmed glasses) who was offering to draw your portrait for free as you walk into a certain entrance of the Forks.

First of all, the Forks was a great place to visit, we spent nearly all of our 2 days there shopping and experiencing the cool things going on there. Secondly, we happened to be there during an paint-a-thon featuring a local art college graduating class. The kids spent 24 hours creating art, and then sold their work in a huge auction. It was an amazing thing to witness as the Forks mall filled up with tons of people. The mall itself has great co-op like food shops, with a ton of variety from middle eastern food, fruit smoothies and bread. Everything we had was great.

Meanwhile, we ran into this artist who drew both me and Kelsey in about 90 seconds. We felt obligated to tip him, which is his basically his business plan. The drawing were rough and fun to see. His personality was very odd and more artistic than inviting, which scared off most people that walked by him. He did not talk much, but did enjoy posing for the camera.

And here he is, the Winnipeg portrait artist:

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