Monday, June 8, 2009

Art battle

If you did not attend the red hot art festival this weekend, you missed out. You missed out on an all day rain storm, but you also missed out on great music by 30 bands, 100 artists from all over Minnesota (and beyond) and most of all, you missed out on Billy Vs Matt 12: the portrait art war.

I will be posting a bunch of pictures soon, but matt semke and myself spent the 14 hours at the festival painting people's portraits, having the crowd vote on their favorites, and then shooting the losing portrait with a super soaker filled with black ink.

We did 16 different portraits and Matt and myself tied 8 to 8. We were the only booth without a tent, and we got SOAKED as you can see by my wet coat in the photo below. The rain and wind did not stop us from creating art. Yet another chapter in Billy Vs Matt has closed, Round 13 is to be announced.

Return soon to see more photos.

photo by kris ericson

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