Saturday, May 23, 2009

New sculpture

This sculpture is a mixed media conglomeration statue, that has evolved out of a series of mistakes and accidents.

The statue was supposed to be a ceramic sample for the 3rd - 6th grade arts after school class I was teaching. Since I did not give this sculpture enough time to dry before I bisque fired it in the kiln, it broken into numerous pieces. Many of which I could not find. I also destroyed one of my pots in the same fashion. I took the handle from my destroyed pot and the remaining pieces of my statue and glued them together with industrial glue; as you can see the pot handle became the nose of my statue.

The fired clay statue was still only a badly glued together 3d puzzle, with cracks and large missing chunks. I rebuild the missing areas with modeling paste, and then spray painted the end result with a camo colored spray paint. However, I forgot that the spray paint holds in moisture and then next day, I picked up the sculpture to find the modeling paste beneath the spray paint hadn't dried and my fingers mushed into the rebuilt areas. This started another modeling paste/spray paint phase but this time I added some small beads into the drying paste and also extended one wing with some construction paper, I also let the modeling paste dry for the recommended time this time around.

The photographed sculpture is the result (click pictures to enlarge). If anyone is interested in purchasing the statue please let me know. I would list it on my Etsy shop, but I am not sure about shipping prices and packaging yet. If you contact me directly, we could work something out I'm sure.

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Bengo said...

I dig it.

Live and discover, eh?

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