Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Father of Immortality

Behold. Below is my painting from this weeks Canvas Kill Live show. Aubrey de Grey is the father of immortality. If you have not heard of him, you should see his TED talk. This is the first portrait in my 9 canvas kill live painting shows. You can buy this painting at my etsy shop, and if nobody buys it by May 2nd, 2009 at 3pm I will be destroying it on my painting show. Learn more about my live painting show at Canvas Kill Live.

Live forever, or die trying:


Kris said...

This is fantastic. I think your paintings might be getting better every week. Getting used to the time frame? Love how you did the beard.

William Hessian said...

thanks Kris! I am honored to report that Aubrey himself wrote me an e-mail response to my painting:

"Thanks so much! I like it a lot.

Cheers, Aubrey"

Kris said...

That is awesome! congrats!

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