Monday, March 9, 2009

Underground Hidden Art

When ever i get a few minutes, I try to google or flickr search for hidden art. I have a strong affinity for free hidden art projects, as you probably know from the dozen free miniature art hunts I have done the past 48 months.

In my search today, I found two really amazing artists you should all check out. A mixture of hidden art, graffiti art, political art and much more. I was lucky enough to find them and then spent a good amount of time browsing their work.

The first artist is Sammo371, who is creating amazing art and "Take it! It's Yours" projects hiding his art in odd public locations. I find his work to be exactly the type of thing I love, and think the art, the photos and the way in which he performs the act to be really phenomenal. Here is a great photo with a tiny artwork he has left. Make sure to see more of Sammo's guerrilla art projects

Never2501 was the next artist I found, and find his robots really cool. However, his murals on old abandoned structures are simply breathtaking. It was hard picking out which one to use to show you, but this was one of my favorites. Especially since it is gigantic, and really beautiful. Never2501 also is doing many art projects that directly speak to me, and to my interests, with the hidden art, murals, monsters and robots. There is not much more you can ask for in an artist in my book. Make sure to see more of Never's work.

While browsing those two artists, I then stumbled across one of the coolest sites ever: The Wooster Collective. It is just something you need to go browse for yourself. It may be my new homepage.

If you enjoyed this post, make sure to see my ever growing Complete Guide to Hidden Art

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