Thursday, March 19, 2009

Humble Voice website for artists

If you ever asked yourself, how do i get my traffic to my art blog? I've got the answer, thanks to the blog catalog community. I wrote a topic asking this very question: Any tips for blog promotion?

I got some amazing answers, you can read them all by clicking the link. however, thanks to those smart people I have a list of great links to new sites to check out, sign up for, and to set up profiles for.

The first on my list... the artist website Humble Voice. It took a while to get my profile set up, but it seems like a pretty neat site and you can see my profile on Humble Voice. If you are an artist, musician, poet, or painter Humble Voice seems like a great place to park a profile and link drop.

As I go through all the great advice from the forum post, I will be letting you know where I am appearing all over the internet. If you are curious which 20 websites I have accounts (including my own sites) you can see the complete list on my website contact page. The list will continue to grow.

Earlier this year I posted a blog about the 10 websites all artists should use, and have gotten some great feedback there as well. If you are a new artist, or an old artist looking to bolster your on-line presence, it is the best place to start.

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