Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Fat Alien Puppet

Here is the newest live painting creation (created live on web cam) of a Big Fat Alien Puppet. Inspired partially by Whitley Strieber and partially by George Noory's radio program Coast to Coast AM.

The title is big fat alien puppet. As part of my economical, "only the good art survives" series of work, if this painting is not purchased by Saturday the 28th, I will violently destroy it. The destruction will of course be broadcoast to you by web cam free of charge.

The live show this week generated over 80 viewers and featured the first live KILLING on web cam. I did take some footage of the destruction and will be putting together a short video of the act. You can learn all about Canvas Kill Live: Live painting with a twist and

Here is a sample photo of me with my homemade spear:

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