Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Newspaper art project for third graders!

The Jamestown Sun newspaper has released an article on the front page of their newspaper about my newpaper art project for the third graders. You can also read this article online.

Jamestown's small town atmosphere is held together cohesively by the great community newspaper: the Jamestown Sun. The paper focuses on community events and local news, and has great relationships with businesses and schools in the area. It has also been a great resource to the art center, and to myself for my miniature art hunts and other events.

My project included having the 3rd graders design the jamestown sun newspaper, and write and illustrate their own front page story. The local Buffalo Mall has agreed to let the finished works hang on display for one week, while one student from each grade school (6 in Jamestown) will be selected, by the art center staff, to be featured at the Jamestown Sun lobby.

The project allowed for students to fabricate stories, report on real events, or use a mixture of the two, in order to create their very own newspaper.

In a few days I will be posting a few of my favorites from the 3rd graders. My favorites do not necessarily match up with the 'official' winners of the art project.

The front page:

Even a picture of me teaching:

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jx said...

that's so rad. i can't wait for you to post images of the results!

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