Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 204: portrait of Kelsey and me

Kris Ericson runs a photography blog called One Photo a Day, he has broken the 200th day of a new photo each day and I was lucky to be featured in the Day 204 photo with my girlfriend Kelsey. I happen to really enjoy the photo and wanted to post it on my blog.

I enjoy the fantasy element, the masks, the brilliant colors and the composition. Just one of many photos that Kris has been posting on his blog. If you scroll through his posts you can find a few other pictures of me, as Kris was also one of the Sledding Art Battle photographers (although i still need to post more of his photos).

I sure I am biased, but I think Kelsey looks great in this photo, like she does in all. For those that are not familiar with my girlfriend Kelsey, make sure to check out some of her artwork available for sale on Etsy: Dill Plant Jewelry.

I am very excited to see what photo Kris creates and posts each day on his blog, and I check his blog obsessively, if you enjoy good photos you should do the same. One Photo a Day.

1 comment:

Kris said...

Thanks for the nice comments and post Billy!

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