Saturday, February 7, 2009

Craigslist Artist: Zareh

I once again have stubled upon another craigslist artist. I call any artist that regularly advertises his/her work on craigslist. I found zareh's work on the Minneapolis artist section, even through the artist himself lives in California. This is a common practice for craigslist artists' to post in many areas of craislist to attract viewers from all over the country.

I am also a craigslist artist, and post many of my events, art projects and blog posts on craigslist. I find you can find some very hard working self represented artists by browsing craigslist. I have also had success with people finding me through this method.

Below are some sample of Zareh's work, which seems to be picking up right where Joan Miro left off (especially the paintings). I happen to enjoy Miro's work quite a bit and therefore gravitate to this type of work, although do find Zareh's personal style to be overshadowed by the similarities to Miro's body of work. I enjoy Zareh's pen and ink, or pencil portraits. They have a dark quality to them, and a painful abstraction that seems to pull parts of the face into unusual darkness or distort the face; similar to Francis Bacon.

This is a good lesson for all young artists struggling to sell work or get known, post of craigslist with every chance you have. Post in your location, and other locations around the country. I average 15-30 hits per post, some far less and some far more. More people will be exposed to your work, and you may meet some collectors or other artists. I have only sold a few things off of craigslist, but often someone may see my craislist posting and eventually run into them at some other event or art show and there are already familiar with me, and my work. It is a good ice breaker. If you want a list of other great tips for young artists make sure to read 10 websites all artists should be on.

Enjoy Zareh's art.

artwork by zareh

artwork by zareh

artwork by zareh

artwork by zareh


jx said...

have you seen the documentary about craigslist? it's something like "24 hours on craigslist" and documents the exchanges and interviews the posters. i believe it is filmed in san francisco. some parts are dull but others are quite interesting - esp these social projects where craigslist instructs mass groups of people to meet up in a public place and create this sort-of organized chaos. like, when you enter building x, turn to those next to you and greet them as if you are good friends who have not seen each other for years and then all these strangers gather in this public building and start hugging one another. crazy stuff. i love social projects like that. damn, i need to come up with one.

William Hessian said...

i havnt seen it, but now i want to. i find craiglist a very powerful and free tool.

it seems less viable in smaller communities. Although the fact that you can post all over the country is a great benefit.

Anonymous said...

I have the pleasure of owning some of Zareh's work. He possesses such talent and has the uncanny ability to capture the emotion of a subject. Zareh has a raw talent seemingly driven by a desire to take each one us apart and investigate what is really under all the facade. His sensitivity and passion are tangible and communicated so clearly.

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