Sunday, January 25, 2009

Buy handmade gifts

I first ran across art fire on advertising tabs on this very blog. I decided to check it out and found that art fire is another art focused ebay. The really impressive thing about art fire is free listings. Now, I have sold a number of works on ebay, and many things on etsy. I was eager to put my bearded bunnies up for sale on art fire and sell there as well. While I have not made any sales their yet, although I do not advertise for it very well, I do enjoy their interface and with their current advertising efforts I could see art fire taking off.

If you are looking to shop for one of a kind originals, you should browse handmade gifts at art fire. As the site grows and more and more artists get involved the place evolves. I watched Etsy grow from a smaller auction site to be a very large creative place for artists to sell their work. Art Fire seems to be following the formula and creating a new place for artists to sell work, and now for free.

One other really cool thing, is that every person that join, Art Fire in partnership with Trees for the Future will plant one tree. Even if you do not want to buy or sell anything, join the site and make an account, and you will be helping to plant a tree and hopefully eventually save the world.

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