Monday, December 22, 2008

Posion in our food, drugs, and medicine

a new sketch by william hessian

This ink and pencil sketch illustrates how I feel the government is poisoning us from all sides. I think we as consumers do not do a good enough job demanding to know what is in our products that we put in our body. It is our job to demand answers before we consume.

I feel we need to look out for ourselves, since it seems no one else is.

The drawing is going to be colored and rescanned to be posted on my more political immortality blog called Zombie Robot Frosting.

Matt Semke and myself are planning to announce the park and send out press materials for the Sledding Art Battle in Minneapolis within the next few days. The Billy vs Matt event is set for January 3rd and invite everyone to brave the cold and come sledding and be apart of a historic art battle. This will be our 11th art battle, and the first one that is being done in the snow and freezing cold.

Right now we are scrambling to find the best materials that wont freeze on us. It is a fun challenge. Subscribe to the blog to make sure you do not miss the announcements, and check back often to see the finished color version of the poison sketch.


jx said...

i love political art. you might like this...

it's the backdrop art that michael franti and spearhead used one or two tours ago. we saw them in madison and i just stared at it during the whole show. artist is leighton kelly.

William Hessian said...


yes i love it. i created a ganesha painting a while back that was similar in composition, but this one is brilliant with the gas mask, dollar theme and all the other loaded symbols.

thank you very much for showing this to me.

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