Tuesday, December 2, 2008

miniature creature sculptures

A side project of mine, is creating my own card game. I have designed about 60 small drawings to be used in the prototype, which is currently being organized for play testing. At the very same time, I had an idea to create some miniature creature, which are loosely based on the card game storyline.  

I designed three small figures, only one has been painted. I figured since I am not sure what I plan to do with them at this point, I might as well post them here. I have made three pages of notes which describes a hidden art project by using miniature creature sculptures, and may or may not correlate to a game. Creating tiny monsters reminds me of many toys I had, and loved, as a child. Battle Beasts, Monsters in my Pocket, Army Ants, Dino Riders and a number of others. If I ever find myself with an abundance of money, designing and sculpting a series of short run miniature toys will be a project I will pursue. Here are the three sample prototypes:

1 comment:

Aleks said...

I sure wish I'd given all my money to you instead of the guys who made the Magic The Gathering cards.

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