Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dragon Card

In the small amount of free time I have in-between starting two new jobs, one at the Walker Art Center and the other as a LEGO teacher, and doing the biggest art hunt here in Minneapolis, I am creating art cards to trade with artists all over the world.

A while ago I joined a couple ATC groups (artist trading card) on Yahoo, and I met some very cool people. I was looking forward to having some free time to begin drawing and trading cards with many artists. I have not gotten very far into the actual trading portion of the group, since I am trying to do projects that can make me a little money so I can afford to pay rent first.

Here is a dragon I have just completed. It is my own dragon design, called a Lym dragon. Which is also known as a kind of luck dragon, like Never Ending Story, only Lym dragons are smaller like ferrets with wings and wings for ears. I designed this type of dragon for a massive fantasy story that I would like to write sometime in my life.

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