Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Next Big Push


During my American art tour this summer, my art hunts hit six state newspapers. The main flow of traffic to my website and my free miniature art hunts came from these articles, most notably in the Salt Lake Tribune and KATU Portland. My next step is to write a new article expressing my thanks to each city & news media for help in making my art hunt successful. I should be spending these moments writing this blog, to write the letters to the editors. Along with a few pictures, a recapping of the hunt, I will be trying to propose a future art hunt in their city. The goal will be to bring more people to my website to see the completed hunt pictures and movies and drum up demand for future art hunts.

The Videos

Yahoo! and Jumpcut sponsored a series of videos depicting my art tour this summer. There is only one more video left to be completed in the series (featuring salt lake city). You can watch my art tour videos on my website or in previous posts on this blog. Once the final video is edited on the Jumpcut website I will be pressing Yahoo! to feature my videos and lead people to watch and get involved with the online video editing program Jumpcut.

The Minneapolis Proposal

Then, once all of my thank yous are finished will come a proposal to the city I live in, Minneapolis, for a giant miniature artwork hunt. The proposal will hopefully be met with open arms as I plan to get Minneapolis' art scene behind my next big Art as Treasure project! The animal selected for Minneapolis' miniature art subject matter....the octopus. Why? I will reveal it in a future blog.

Please make sure to browse my blog and check out all of the new projects I am working on.

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