Saturday, July 12, 2008

Want a Chubby Creature?

Hand drawn originals of my little chubby creatures are being sold at my etsy shop. only 5 dollars each. plus, these little fellows were created live at a public park during my art as treasure art tour. Which means these little guys were born on the road.

The reason for putting up all of the art created during my art tour is an attempt to afford gas prices as we perform our 6 art hunts across the country. Buying one creature helps me out just a little bit. I am also asking for donation to my art tour though paypal and snail mail forms, you can find more information at my website.

Make sure to browse around on my etsy page (which is basically an all art ebay) and see some of my other products. I sell my bearded bunny prints for only 5 dollars each, and they are very popular.

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