Friday, August 1, 2008

One Photo a Day

One of my good friends from high school has started a blog in which he posts one photo each day. His name is Kris and he is very talented. I suggest everyone goes and check out his blog.

Kris has also started an art blog, where he has drawn a series of pictures. The latest entry was an Ill Drawing Competition I did with him over webcam from California to Minnesota.

If you are an artist from anywhere in the world and want to draw with me over webcam, let me know. I am trying to find a group of artists' interested in collaboration and creation. The webcam service I use is Stickam and my profile is available here. Plus, if you do I will then feature you right here on my blog.

Make sure to visit Kris' blog and leave some comment on his great artwork.


Kris said...

Wow, Thanks for the post Billy!
Wasn't expecting that.

ReneeBuchananArt said...

I love Kris' blog and yours, too! How did you create this pic (the cards?) Very cool!

Renee :)

Kris said...

Nothing special, I sketched the drawing out on cheap printer paper. Then scanned it on to the computer. Then I used my wacom drawing tablet and colored it with photoshop, a very old version of photoshop.

Glad you liked my blog.

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