Friday, July 18, 2008

Find my hidden Sea Crabs!

My ten miniature sea crabs, will be hidden in the public parks of Costa Mesa by sunrise Saturday, July 19th. The goal of the hunt is to bring people to the parks, and art to the people. Two previews of the visual clues for the hunt, have been attached and are available for promotional use. The first ten difficult visual clues will appear on on Saturday the 19th and a set of medium difficulty clues will appear online on sunday the 20th. If artwork still remains hidden more clues will appear periodically, even as late as monday if necessary.

I will be creating artwork in the parks of costa mesa this weekend, see my website ( for when and where we will be. Come create art with us, see my miniature art gallery and other bearded bunnies.

While in Costa Mesa, I am also spending time and collaborating with excellent local artists Marilyn Scott Waters, Bob Singer, and Aaron Kraten.

Last weekend, my art hunt was very successful in protland, oregon. Costa Mesa's hunt is the 4th in a series of six art hunts this summer. The tour started in my hometown in Minnesota, and has taken us accross the country. Here is the article KATU did on the hunt.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, saw your ad on Craigslist and came to check out your blog. Also wanted to leave a website in case anyone wanted to check out an Open Art Studio on 48th & Nicollet:

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