Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bunnies on Dharma Designs

My bearded bunnies were featured on the Dharma Designs blog, with a small interview with myself. I have managed to sell a few bunnies during my art tour and have also been awarding the bunnies as prizes to winners of the hunts.

Dharma Designs is a neat little blog, where a lot of attention is focused on unique etsy artists. I was happy to been featured since this summer is my most art filled summer in my life. I do recommend checking out the other featured artists as well, and browsing around the blog a bit. The thing I like about Dharma Designs as opposed to the many other Etsy feature blogs is that it includes a well written paragraph long article, or interview section. The interview with me was really well written from the content I gave her.

So check out Dharma Designs, and if you are an artist who is trying to sell work get on Etsy and start selling your work, my Bearded Bunny shop is featuring bearded bunnies, creatures, and other original drawings and my girlfriend Kelsey has just started one featuring her home-made jewely.

If you do join, add me as a friend.

Meanwhile, we take off for Salt Lake city tonight, to create our 6th art hunt of the summer. Desert Tortoises! I can not wait!

1 comment:

Dharma Designs said...

Awe shucks - THANKS Will! My friend is in Salt Lake City this week visiting family, so I'll tell him about you and your show. Good luck - and have fun! :-)

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