Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Creating my own webcomic?

Help I need your vote

For years I have considered creating my own webcomic. The last few years, I have not had the time to create one. However, now that I am closing down my airbrushing/art shop...i may be jobless in August after my art tour.

I have stumbled across some really neat webcomics online. I know webcomics are rearely ever a full time job. However, it seems like something I may be able to do in my free time. I can try to make a little money selling advertisements and asking for small donations.

The bigger problem for me when confronting the possibility of a web comic....is what webcomic to create. Not that I am lacking ideas, but moreso that I must choose one of many potential webcomic ideas.

Here is the list of webcomic ideas I have (please leave a comment with your vote):

The Four Suits
A spoof mafia comic, about Jack Spades, Nick Diamond, Lily Heart, and
Benny Ace Club. A dangerous world of guns, deception, and 9 to 5 gangs.

My fantasy world. Featuring an immortal dragon hunter, dueling mages and 9 terrors of the world.

Chasen's Waterfall
The sci-fi story featuring a man waking up thousands of years in the future to see how different humans have become. His journey to cope with the new future as the future humans put him to work as a suicide pilot.

Hall of Canaries
Based on my novel, about a young man living at an old folks home.

Orvil's Basement
Horror filled adventures of two kids trapped in Orvil's basement, and their attempt to escape. Orvil's mutated monsters are released one by one into the basement to make the game that much more interesting.

Inside a Box
A gimmick webcomic in which two characters find themselves trapped in a box on the internet. This would be a projected 100 panel comic, featuring the two characters trying to cope with their emprisonment. Why, how, and for how long?

State of a Human Beings Address
Simply an illustrated view on my outlook of a human being in the world. Survival. Space travel. Technology. and Death.

The Canvas Killer: Artist in Minneapolis
A simple biographical webcomic featuring my life as an artist in Minneapolis.

Please vote by comments on which webcomic you would most like to read and support if I had to choose just one. I really appreciate any help deciding which comic to pursue.

If you are in the Minneapolis area this Friday the 13th check out Ben Flint's art show at my Billy and the Old Man gallery.

Also see my Ripple Self Portrait

EDIT: Thanks for every ones comments and input. In the end I choose to make 100 comics about my life as a starving artist. And you can read all 100 comics from start to finish here.


Anonymous said...

i can't pick just one, either! my pics are "the four suits," "hall of canaries," and "the canvas killer." you can tell i'm not much of a sci-fi fan. in the world of comics, i'm an archie fan. and yes, seriously, i collect archie comics and memorabilia. dork!

Anonymous said...

It's tough to narrow it down, but the first three are really intriguing.

staplegenius said...

I think HALL OF CANARIES is the only one where there isn't already 50 comics(web or not) already like it.
Go with that.

Kris said...

I agree with staplegenius, there are a lots of webcomics out there. So it might be worth doing the one that isn't done multiple times already. It might bring in more traffic than one on a topic that is overdone.
Though I do think a fantasy/sci-fi comic by you would be really cool and I personally would like to see the canvas killer one.

Merlin said...

I really like Quoin, but Hall of Canaries would be highly uncommon.

Anonymous said...

Maybe do the world the favor and stop filling it with meaningless web-tripe. I say do none of them, and instead focus on supporting the artists who keep plugging away at their craft.

William Hessian said...

rhino. support them how? i am one of those artists, and ive always wanted to do a graphic novel. i figured why not break it down into a webcomic so people can follow the progress as the story develops.

im curious to know more about what you are saying

Bengo said...

Hi William,

What a cool post! I hope you don't mind if I mention it on my comics blog tonight. I've never seen this sort of market research done by a potential web comics creator. My blog ad is actually on your site right now.

I like "Orvil's Basement," both in personal appeal and in my gut sense about its readership potential. The latter is hard to estimate without seeing your styles, and I found mostly paintings on your blog. I also don't know whether you'd prefer to write a short form or long form comic, which is also a big part of the decision.

When you narrow it down to three, I suggest story-boarding a bunch of episodes to see what feels right.

I'm immersed in this stuff 24/7 as reader, blogger and comics creator, so if you ever want to kick some ideas around, buzz me. My ideas may or may not be helpful, but I enjoy talking shop.


Bengo said...

24 hours later...

I see my brief mention of your poll post didn't excite my blog's readers... Don't be put off. I myself don't know who my readers are, as they have declined to comment much or identify themselves. All I know is that if I mention some comics personality who is not a reader, that person often shows up in record time to react. Perhaps my readers are not so much readers, but agents of interests who like to keep an eye on me.

William Hessian said...

indeed. i really appreciate your post and would love to take you up on the offer to talk about webcomics. want to do a webcomic interview that spans both our blogs.
i asked you 5-7 questions and you ask me 5-7 questions. we can pick each others minds and use it as blog posts....what do you say?

Anonymous said...

I love fantasy comics so I go with
Quoin and Orvil's Basement. Me too, I'm planning to make one myself if i'll ever get the time. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd go with Canvas Killer. I always liked autobiographical comics. They are more "real".

Anonymous said...


trousers said...

Creating webcomic? sounds so interesting thanks for the great idea.

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