Friday, May 23, 2008

Will Work for Food and Gabriel Combs

Gabriel Combs is an awesome local artist in Minnesota. I see him at often, and see his postings on craigslist, ebay and other such sources. I really enjoy his work, and I happened to be bidding on his PILBOX series shown above. Although I just got outbid, I am trying to strategize my next bid and how much it should be. Everyone shoulds own one of his extremely creative and affordable works. I have a personal hunch that his artwork will skyrocket in price a few years down the road and everyone will want this gems.

Meanwhile, in the process of browsing Gabriel Comb's art on Ebay I stumbled upon Will Work For Food. Will Workl for Food is basically the most creative and talented artists in the Twin Cities that are trying to make enough money on their art to survive. These are some of my favorite local artists. I am slightly upset I did not know about Will Work For Food 2 until now, but plan to try to get involved with Will Work for Food 3.

Will Work for Food does something that I really like, by turning unrented spaces into 3 days art shows. They paint them, hang the work, promote the show and promote the space. It is very smart on multiple levels and I want in.

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