Monday, February 18, 2008

Inventing my own card game (pictures)

Creating my own card game

I've been jotting down ideas for card games since I first played Slap Shot a hockey game when I was nine years old. I've got notebooks filled with ideas, and stacks of half drawn card games that I have never gone and finished. However, I have finally gone through with one, and here are two of 32 of my in progress prototype cards.

Keeping it simple

I have written two drafts of the rule book, and its difficult trying to keep the game as simple as possible. The goal is to play enough games to refine the rules to the best possible balance. Thus far, approximately 20 games have been played and so far it has gone very well. Better than one can hope for a brand new game.

Next Step

At this point, on my grassroots level: I am creating more cards, designing the logo, creating a website, figuring out how to market the game, finding testers and getting feedback, finding artists who want to be involved in creating new cards, researching printing of the cards (currently i only have hand drawn versions), and playing games. Eventually I want to give away cards, hide cards in parks, have free mail in give aways, invite the public to design their own cards, include investment oppertunites and watch the game progress from there. These are my usual ambitious plans for my projects. We will see how it evolves from here.

If you have any interest in getting involved in any way with my card game please email me at:

You have got to see my poster of
48 bearded bunnies

And also see my pig monster drawing

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