Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ripple Self Portrait

Yesterday, I recieved a comment on my myspace advertising an open call to artists. The open call asked for portrait work to be created and then mailed to Ripple Portrait in England. It is a worldwide show displaying postcards from potentially anywhere in the world.

Here is the post I found on myspace:

I also browsed around the Ripple Online website and found some very neat projects that they are working on. I suggest any part time or full time artist checking out the website and participating in the Ripple Portrait project.

My Portrait

A few nights ago, prior to knowledge of this show, I could not sleep and ended up sketches 3 quick self portraits. I then used those sketches to create my mailable postcard as seen in the picture above. I use ball point pens and prismacolor markers to complete my self portrait. I am looking forward to seeing it appear on the ripple website and having it hanging on a wall in england.

If you are an artist and you do join in the portrait project, please send my a picture and link and I will add you to my blog.

For other art projects please see: the Tower of Bunnies, the blog featuring my portrait of three girls, and Skin Art

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