Friday, January 25, 2008

PIG MONSTER ink drawing

Creative Explosion

As a working artist, I often find myself cramped for time, and always pushing creative ideas away in order to get other projects done. The pig monster drawing was one of those few days I allowed myself to simply sit down with a sketch book and draw. I came up with 5 good drawings this day, making me think I need to find more time to do this.


I currently have completed 32 sketchbooks since highschool. I find one the greatest tools of an artist is the creation of ideas, and there is no better place for those ideas then a sketchbook. Everyone should keep a journal or sketchbook nearby at all times.

To see more of my artwork check out my art portfolio. You can also find a lot more of my work here, you can find my airbrushing work, my bearded bunnies series, and paintings.


TeckJung said...

haha.. no offense, the pig if cute, but when i look at the monster behind, i suddenly have a thought. The monster is the fart of the pig.. haha..

Lee said...

Cool man, I like this!

-- Lee

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