Monday, November 19, 2007


Park Garbage Ratings: Kelsey and myself have recently begun the PGR ratings. We rate parks by how much garbage we find during our visit. We plan to visit a number of parks in the midwest. Any garbage we find: we pick up, document and recycle. Then we post a photo blog about the specific parks we visit. Enjoy and please see our other PGR ratings here.

Park: Pond Dakota Mission Park
Description: We just happened upon this park by accident. It is also a historical site displaying the Gideon Pond Home. There is also a really amazing walking/hiking/biking trail which leads down a revene. If you take the right paths you will eventaully find the river (see picture below). I strongly suggest not going right before nightfall though, because as soon as it got dark it was very hard to see the path ahead of you. We even got lost at one point, but were lucky enough to eventually escape.

Location: Bloomington, Minnesota
Date: Sunday, October 14th 2007
Time at Park: one hour

Garbage Per Hour: 27 (4)*

* the number is skewed because we found 2 areas of garbage dumping. in fact, we weren't able to carry all the trash back in one trip. The majority of the park & trails were spotless. its true ranking should be 4 gph, although a few individuals ruined it by dumping mass amount of garbage in a few select locations.

If you live in the midwest area, please give us suggestions of public parks & nature centers you would like us to visit. Thanks

Overall Park Garbage Rating: 27(4)*

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