Monday, November 19, 2007


"fighting back against junk mail"

Since April 2006 I have been collecting any and all Business Reply Mail sent to me. If you are not familiar with business reply mail, large companies send out mass mailings trying to get you to subscribe to their magazine, sign up for a credit card, get their insurance, ect. Included in their advertisements is an envelope marked "business reply mail" with no postage needed.


If I decide I do not want to purchase the product they are offering to me, which is typcially always, I include my Hessian Illustration reply saying "Sorry, I do not wish your product at this time..." and follow up by offering them a special offer to purchase my original creature drawings.


The object of this project is to not blindly accept mass advertisements without any repercussions. By mailing back my own advertismnets using their postage the companies are then forced to pay second postage. I am aware that my project alone is not going to make any noticible effect on mega corporations, but I feel it is important for me to make a personal response to an advertising strategy that I do not agree with.

Join In the Fun

I have also made my mini-flyers printable in PDF form for anyone that would like to fight back against junk mail themselves (click here to download printable pdfs). I would also like to strongly encourage others to create their own flyer responses to mail. I would gladly link, or post pictures or pdf's of other's Business Reply Mailer (BRM) creations.

click to download your own flyers

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