Monday, November 19, 2007

Into the Wild (movie review)

Why this Movie is Amazing
Into the Wild deals with tough issues like parenthood, the silver spoon effect, societies expectations, truth, faith, religion, love, spirituality, lonliness and individuality. The writing and storytelling is crafted in such a way to keep the story compelling til the end. The balance of flashbacks is delicately done with much respect to the pacing of the story. Kudos to Sean Penn and his team for the great work.

Falling into the Extreme
Into the Wild exemplifies a young mans', Christopher McCandless, struggles to contradict societies norm of being trapped in jobs, struggling to make money and own needless objects. 'Supertramp', as he nicknames himself during his voyage, disappears into the world after burning his money and deserting his car in the desert. Eventually he makes his way to Alaska and lives among the animals in a fascinating look at throwing away everything you know and own, to find true beauty in the nature around us. His statement is bold as he faces many dangers. It is never a question of whether or not he goes too far, the question is how far on the other spectrum are we?

Phenomenal Acting
Emile Hirsh gave a very impressive performance, and the rest of the cast was simply superb. I have rarely ever been so excited to see side characters appear and reappaer in a movie in a long time. Their minimal but very poignant time on screen was never wasted. Jena Malone (Donny Darko) and Catherine Keener (Being John Malkovich)were very well casted and fun to see. While Brian Dierker (first time on-screen actor) was the most savory character for me, and Hal Holbrook stole the show with his heartbreaking portrait of Supertramps' newfound friend.

Voluntary Migration
Another reason this movie effected me so much, was because the protagonist's desire to be free and experience new places and new things is something I very much desire to do myself. Forcing yourself out of your own confort zone to learn about the type of person you really are deep inside. It is the reason a year ago, I decided I would go on an Art Tour in July 2008.

Into 'Into the Wild'
See the movie, read the book and learn more about Christopher McCandless.

Into the Wild Rating: 9 out of 10

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