Monday, November 19, 2007

Creature Illustrations

Hessian Illustrations
Boasting a variety of interesting creatures created with ink, watercolor & marker. Often times ranging on the bizarre. Creatures like Octopus Kitty Angel's, Lym Dragons, Thumper and Masked Hornets. More can be seen at:

Many of the creatures desgined stem from a series of projects based around a fantasy world. Including a grahpic novel, video game, card game, and series of novels about this fantastical world of creatures and mystery.

Custom Creatures
The artist, William Hessian, also sells the original creature drawings for $25. You can select or suggest a creature which he will then hand-draw and mail to the interested party. If unspecified or in need of a suprise, he will also send a creature to you at random if desired. E-mail the artist at:

Future Creatures
Plans for future creature include a series of more mature themed monsters and in balance with those are a series of cute and cuddly creatures as well. Keep tunes into these creatures and the fantasy world they belong in at:

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