Monday, November 19, 2007

Are artists crazy?

Through the years, artists have consistently been considered crazy, or mad. Vincent Van Gogh and his ear slicing antics, and Jackson Pollacks' drunken rages are among the most notably crazy artists. But what about artists in our current society? Are they crazy too?

The artist pictured above and below has implanted a third ear on his forearm? This performance artists spent 10 years finding a surgeon willing to implant the ear onto his forearm. Click either image for more info.

It seems many individuals, willing to attempt and survive as an artist in this day and age, no matter how crazy thier artwork is, must have a firm grasp of themselves. Artists must keep themselves well budgeted and business saavy; while being skilled in both micro and macro activities. Being an artist is a calculated risk in today's environment, and without the correct skillset and a firm knowledge of the market you are diving into, most art careers will quickly fall to the hobby level.

Those that previal are typically extremely sane and well adjusted people. And yet they still have the ability to be crazy with their work. As seen below:

Please click any images above to view more about each artist

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those artists are crazy fucks.

Dumb paint brush cunts.

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