Wednesday, November 21, 2007

7 reasons why Cloud Cult should be your new favorite band

1. They Paint Live on stage
In fact, their live show is one of the best I have ever seen. Locally, only the Stnng is anywhere near as entertaining (and i prefer Cloud Cult's music overall). Scott West and Connie Minowa both play music in the band but also PAINT LIVE ONSTAGE! The works are typically sold by auction after the show. The paintings are really impressive to watch being created and being a visual artist myself, are really impressive stand alone works. As if you did not already have tons to look at with a full stage of six members, some who play up to 5 different instruments over the course of the show the painting just add that touch of brilliance to their live show.

2. Green Friendly
Every CD is made with recycled materials. The band would rather not exist than leave a negative impact on the earth. Craig and Connie live together on an organic farm.Craig is also currently an environmental scientist. The band even built their entire studio out of found materials, please see #8 for more info about how incredible globally conscious this band is. It is extremely commendable.

3. Their Music
Currently, six musicians play over 8 different instruments to create a very monumental sound. Lead singer, Craig Minowa has a voice and the overall sound has a very Modest Mouse flavor. Meanwhile, each song has an epic arch and I think every member of the band does vocals in some or multiple songs, which adds impact to certain lyrics especially when all 8 are hitting the words together.

4. Minnesota
Damn right. Local boys (and girls). Cloud Cult is a Minnesota based band and proud of it, and therefore I am proud of it as well. No cheesy Fargo accents either.

5. Subject Matter

This is a heartbreaking reason, but the lead singer Craig Minowa and his wife (visual artist & musician) Connie Minowa lost their two year old son in the night a few year ago. Craig, being the main songwriter for the band (possibly the only songwriter) focused subject matter on the very emotional loss of his son. While the songs are depressing in nature they are oddly uplifting and motivating. To know that they went through such a devastating loss, and be able to turn it into beautiful music is a wonderful skill. During the year following his son's death Craig wrote over 100 songs while the band barely hung together.

6. The Meaning of 8
The new CD "The Meaning of 8" is phenomenal. I do admit I do not own it yet, its in the mail on the way to me right now. However, during their concert I witnessed last week they played a number of the new songs and every single one of them blew me away. I do own "Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus" which another mega impressive CD which I highly recommend to anyone, and I am even more excited about "The Meaning of 8". Buy "The Meaning of 8" or their other great albums online at Cloud Cult's homepage

7. MTV
This video should explain the rest: Helping the environment with Cloud Cult.

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