Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Custom Poker Table (picture)

Custom Poker Table

For those that have been following my airbrushing blogs like the dragonfly bike, the ww2 project or the 5 simple steps to become an airbrush artist, you will find that this project is a little different. We got a call asking if we can airbrush felt. I told the guy, "We never have, but we will try." Which is out typical answer when it comes to doing something we have never done before. Next thing I knew I had a brand new poker table in my shop waiting to be painted.

Airbrushing on Felt

Before agreeing to this project I did some research, and found almost nothing about airbrushing on felt. I should call this blog "airbrushing on felt" simply because it would be the only thing to appear on google's search. Not many people have airbrushed on felt, and now I know why. Nothing sticks to felt, overspray and bleeding are endless problems and you've got to wait 2 hours in between each application of color (even if you are just putting another layer of color on the same color). It is very time consuming and tedious. Not to mention I have to buy Createx waterbased paints specifically for this project.

Diamond Logo

The logo was very specific and luckily for me, very simple. I originally printed a sticker of the logo on our Stika design cutter, but soon learned the sticker did not adhere to the felt. Then I had to recut the logo piece by piece with green automotive tape. After all the trials and tribulations I am actually quite happy with the end result. It only took me three times my estimated time investment.

But now I can say, "Yes, we can paint on felt.....it just takes forever."

I work for my own airbrushing company called Billy and the Old Man Design. We now can paint on felt and previously did a skull project on a film cannister. This blog will feature all sort of our airbrushing adventures & misadventures.

For other airbrush projects see my dragonfly bike, and also the candy/pearl project with a WW2 theme. If you are artist you should also check out 5 simple steps to become an airbrush artist.

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Unknown said...

Damn Billy, is there anything you can't do. Looks great man. Very professional looking. I'm impressed.

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