Monday, December 10, 2007

Broken Hart Logo on Film Cannister

Broken Hart Entertainment

A few weeks ago my friend Brian Felegy founder of Broken Hart Entertainment came to me asking if I could airbrush his logo on a classic steel film cannister he had acquired. His logo can be seen above.

Airbrushing on Steel

This was my first attempt to airbrush on steel. Because of the rough surface of the steel I did not sand down the surface as I normally would for any airbrush project. I took some liberties with his skull and heart logo and applied my design to the steel. Using hand cut stickers and masks I built up the logo. Once the art was done, I masked off the work and sent it to be cleared for a shiny glare. The clear coat was applied only to the logo, to leave the untouched beaten steel exposed.

Satisfied Customer
It was a fun project to work on, especially since I am a fan of Broken Hart Entertainment movies & films. I have also helped create DVD covers, prop design, done some acting, & helped write scripts for Brian's company. Check out the website to see some video samples.

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