Friday, January 18, 2008

Robot Bunny

Bearded Bunnies

Another bearded bunny added to my bearded bunny blog. This is my robot bunny. One year ago I created a robot bear and a robot cat, which sold immediately at my next show. I was proud of them, but did not continue with the series. I did adapt the concept into my bearded bunnies though, and this is the result. Remember, all of my bearded bunnies are for sale.

No Such Thing as a Free Bunny?

Wrong again! I have secretly decided to give away a free bunny to anyone that donates money to my art tour in 2008, see my previous post about this special offer, but keep it secret.

A Blogging Shame

I do really enjoy creating many bearded bunnies and them featuring on my blog. I think as the collection grows it will be rewarding to be able to click the bearded bunny tag and see the mass amounts of new creations I have come up with over the past few months. Leave me comments on the bunnies you enjoy! Or, as I mentioned above, prove it to me by purchasing a print at

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