Friday, November 14, 2008

Custom Octo Bunny

Often times when I meet art fans during my miniature art hunts, or if people see my work on the walls of a particular gallery or coffe shop, I will get requests for a hand drawn version or variation of the art they see. The drawing below is a hand drawn 5 X 7 inch version of my octopus bunny art, there is a different version of the octo bunny you can buy on etsy (currently I am running a special online where you can buy one bunny, get a second bunny free!)

The original commissions like the one above typically run from $50-65 depending on specifics. I enjoy doing these from time to time for those that enjoy my work, and prefer original works as opposed to my less expensive hand signed prints. I am working on a number of new bunnies, and also another batch of bunny variations to be featured in the Art O Mat series.

I do want to encourage those reading this blog to browse through older posts to see some of the exciting projects going on. I did also update the popular posts on the right hand side, so check out those links to see some of the best posts from the last few weeks.

1 comment:

Rick said...

Interesting blog - just happened to be surfing by - you're a bunny-holic aren't you.

I enjoyed your work - thanks for sharing.

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