Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bearded Bunnies at Dunn Brothers

For those of you living in Minneapolis, you can make a quick stop for tea or coffee at the Uptown Dunn Brothers and get to see over 30 of my bearded bunnies. I was contacted to bring my works by the store and hang my series of bunnies for the month of November. 

If you are not in the Minneapolis area you can buy my bunnies at my Etsy shop. I have sold over 50 bunnies on my etsy site, and would love to sell more. Make sure to check back as I add new bunnies, and new art, all the time.

Each and every bunny on display is different; and available for sale. This is the 7th time my bunnies series has been on display in Minnesota, at different galleries of coffee shops. Including both Munkabeans and Caribou in Minnetonka, as well as Marx's Wine Bar in Stillwater, Argente Photography in Minneapolis, and my own Billy and the Old Man Gallery in Hopkins (which no longer exists).  The bunnies are also available in Art O Mats across the country, and featured here in the Chambers Hotel in Minneapolis.

If you want to see the bunnies in person, make sure to stop on by the 1506 West Lake Street Dunn Brothers in Uptown. You can also contact me if you want to make a purchase and I will be happy to meet you. Feel free to email me using my contact page.

I am looking for more places across the country to put my bearded bunny series. I have donating many of my prints to non profits, and fundraisers over the past year. I donated work to Art to Heart in North Carolina, and to help raise money for schools in Wisconsin. I feel it is very important to give back and support positive and effective non-profit organizations. 

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