Friday, June 27, 2014

Bomani Shakur: Keith Lamar CONDEMNED: Sketchbook Friday

I just finished reading a book written by Bomani Shakur aka Keith Lamar called CONDEMNED. The book inspired me to draw this sketch and ink drawing, depicting a man who was lured into a life of crime and drugs and killed his former friend. Serving a life sentence there was a jail uprising in which Bomani was accused of being a ringleader. The book explains all the reasons why he is innocent of the second changes and why he should not be on death row. What is also shocking is the treatment he has received as a prisoner, which was criminally poor and unjustified. The book makes a strong case for compassion and honesty seeps from the pages. My goal with my drawing is to contribute a little bit to help spread the word about his situation and others like him. Currently, he is still on death row and needs support from as many people as possible to help overturn the charges that were unlawfully put on him while in prison. I did send this drawing with a letter to Bomani Shakur explaining my support. I often write and draw pictures for political prisoners offering my support. His story is about unjust accusations, unfair trials, inhumane practices and an overall industrial prison system which is full of corruption. I would love to hear how others feel about Bomani Shakur and his story, leave me a comment!

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