Monday, December 27, 2010

Fraught with Meaning: art blog review

Fraught with Meaning is an art blog with a finger on the pulse of collage, collectible, affordable artworks. The artist behind the website is Took Gallagher from Northville, MI. Took is a self taught collage artist who sells work in and hosts two Art-O-Mat art vending machines.

by Took Gallagher

Fraught with Meaning is a blog that contains her artwork and art projects in all different stages from sketch to final concept, as well as featuring artwork from her immediate surrounding in Northville, MI; and featuring artwork from around the country through her Art-O-Mat machines. I have become friends with Took through these machines, as I started selling art in Art-O-Mat machines a few years ago. Took's excitement and passion for the machines surpasses even my own love and passion with Art-O-Mat, and if you are not familiar with what art o mat is.....well then go check out Art O Mat:Artist in Cellophane.

Because I know not everyone will pop over and read about Art O Mat, I will summarize. Art-O-Mat is a project that refurbishes old vintage cigarette machines and transforms them into original art machines. You may happen by one of these machines at a gallery, museum, mall, public space located all over the country. When you find one, you can pay 5 dollars, and select an art series of which to purchase. You pull the lever of your choice and Presto (Kerplunk is actually the correct sound effect here) you now have yourself an original work of art.

Took Gallagher manages two of these kerplunking art machines and has a very impressive collection of artwork from the many great artists that contribute to art-o-mat machines around the country. When you read Fraught with Meaning you will often get insights into how she creates her work for the machines, or get a peak at the works she collects from those machines. At times even some of my own Bearded Bunnies or chubby creatures.

Another related blog that Took is apart of is Penciled In, which is a collaboration with Juana Moore. Together they create wonderful creatures and animals to be sold in art-o-mat machines. If seeing Took's work on her blogs is not enough for you, head over to her etsy page and snap up some of her great affordable artwork. Make sure to read and subscribe to her blog.


Merlin said...

Thanks for posting this. Cool, there's an Art O Mat down at LCC. I'll have to hunt it down. What a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of the Art O Mat!

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