Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Custom Gold Shoes

Once upon a time, at a Goodwill in St. Louis Park, Minnesota I stumbled across a pair of used gold sketchers. I was enamored with these shiny shoes and had to have them, even though they were a smidgen too small for my feet. I knew right away I wanted to draw on them, and add some designs over the gold. The first day I bought these shoes, was the first day I wore these shoes and it didn't take long before I realized the smidgen too small was small enough to be unwearable. My feet hurt.

I went home and started to decorate these shoes anyways, since I had visions in my head. I soon lost my motivation since I wasn't sure were these shoes would end up; but I did know they weren't destined for MY feet. A few weeks later, my best friend Adam came to visit and saw the half done golden shoes. Adam, who had slightly smaller feet than myself, was also enamored with these shoes and I immediately asked him to try them on. They fit! 8 months later the shoes were finished, and wrapped in a box for Adam's birthday.

The pictures display the finished designs and the finished shoes that are now on Adam's feet. This is the first pair of shoes I have customized, and it was a lot of fun to do.

the back features a cat face with long whiskers

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Anonymous said...

What a feat of style ... nice job!

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