Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New art everyday at Cats Will Eat You dot com

Matt Semke has been a friend of mine since 2002. Our first art show together was Billy Vs Matt: paintings, sculptures, mayhem. Since 2004 we have done 10 Art Battles, ranging from live ax chopping, painting with ten foot poles, solving free energy, and rule based competitions. Together we try to make an interactive experience in which no art project is complete unless the audience takes part, we call this: endeavorism.

Semke is a full time graphic designer, musician, and visual artist here in Minneapolis. On his art website he posts one new drawing every day, and he has done this for over 400 days now. His website www.catswilleatyou.com features figure drawings, pen drawings, photography, paintings, short animations and videos. You should also check out his new band Birdsounds.

Semke is one of the most prolific artists' that I have ever met, and he creates new work constantly. His basement is absolutely filled with work, and almost anytime he agrees to show work at a venue he has the urge to create brand new work for that show.

Right now, Semke and myself are working on a Billy Vs Matt website, Battle #10 video and a booklet of battles. We are also planning Billy Vs Matt 11: sledding art! We will be creating artwork while sledding in December. The work created will then be voted on by onlooking crowd members, and the losing art will be frozen into solid blocks. Our fans from Minneapolis and nearby cities are invited to come sledding with us. Stay tuned to this blog and our websites to learn more about the time, place, and details of Billy Vs Matt 11.

Any day you want to see a new work of art, make sure to visit www.catswilleatyou.com and see what Matt Semke has in store for you.

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