Saturday, October 18, 2008

Art Battle with 10 foot poles and an axe

Nine out of ten outdoor bake off attendees ask:

"where is the controversial, interactive, art project that challenges my concept of art?"

that is where Billy Vs Matt 10 comes in.

Matt Semke and myself were asked to perform our tenth art battle, as part of Steven's Square fall festival bake off. The event had a dog show, a chili cook off, and US.

We painted a Rooster, a Robot and a Bee using ten foot poles (much like Billy vs Matt 9). The crowd voted for which painting was better, and the losing painting was then chopped up with an axe by an audience member chosen at random. It was a wild success. An art history teacher from the East Coast bought the Rooster set for $30. If you would like to buy either the robots, or the bees you can buy them for $30 (includes the winning painting and the remnants of the chopped up painting). Please contact me if interesting in buying a set.

Here is the entire photo album of the Billy Vs Matt event. A video will be coming soon.

Meanwhile, Billy Vs Matt 11 is quickly approaching as we are planning a SLEDDING art battle! We are looking for sponsor, donations and participants to come sled with us while we create art in the snow. The current plan is to do this in between Christmas and New Years.

Also make sure to bookmark my blog, because we will be announcing more Billy Vs Matt events and hopefully soon publishing our Billy Vs Matt official website, with a complete history of our Art Battles.

matt semke and me (in the red hat) painting robots with ten foot poles
Semke's dead bee after the axing by an audience member 
the winning robot, and the losing robot. The set is available for a measly 30 dollars!
The bees. Also available for only 30 dollars (you get both the winning painting and the losing one). 
Check out the full album for more pictures of entire photo albumthe Billy Vs Matt event.

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Anonymous said...

Stevens Square Community Organization would like to thank you for participating in our Fall Harvest Festival.

Your work was enjoyed by all! Wonderful work - we were proud to have you in our event.

Steven Gallagher
Stevens Square Community Organization
Executive Director

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