Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bathroom Wall Art

do you consider the decorated walls of your local coffee shop art?

I do. Cafetto, one block from my apartment in Minneapolis, has amazingly cool bathrooms. I took these four pictures to show some of the tagging, drawings and writings. I took a bunch of photos in these two tiny restrooms and I will probably add a few more of my favorite pictures to highlight more of the awesome art in here.

The bathroom walls are a modern day meeting of the minds
I once ran across a blog and a book call Bathroom Wall Art or something. i am going to find it again, and link to it with some of these pictures. I am curious to know if you think bathroom wall art is really art. To me, it fascinating to be surrounding by a collaboration of writings, stickers, drawings, doodles, signatures and statements by a variety of artists that at one time dropped some kids off at the Cafetto basement pool.

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