Saturday, August 23, 2008

My other websites

I currently run a number of blogs and websites:

William Hessian Art
The artworks, art projects and art videos of Minneapolis artist William Hessian. Featuring miniature art treasure hunts, bearded bunnies, creature illustrations and short art videos.

Zombie Robot Frosting
Immortality, health and technology. Reviewing health products, natural energy drinks, root beer, researching immortality, life extension, solar panels, green energy, anti corporations and politics.

Blog Blog Cherry
A blog written to chronicle my blogging experiences. Listing blog strategies, what works and doesn't work and shows actual figures of how much money I make blogging each month.

Iceland Puffin Blog
A blog written to chronicle my experiences travelling to Iceland. The blog will feature pictures, videos and actual costs for tours, food, and experiences in Iceland.

Billy and the Old Man
Custom automotive airbrushing in Minnetonka, Minnesota. We turn your ideas into a reality. Motorcycles, helmets and more.

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