Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RIOT collectible card game development

This weekend I went to Madison, Wisconsin for Forge Midwest's gaming convention. I got to play my card game with gaming experts! I have a whole bunch of fun information and pictures available on my brand journal account.

I met some awesome people and got some crutial help on my new inexpensive collectible card game. Please check out the new blog, which will now be the home to everything that has to do with the development and design of my card game. I will probably be posting links from this blog to my live journal blog when necessary.

Meanwhile, I've got some photo blogs to update here in the next few days about seeing Cloud Cult in Madison and also seeing the final performance of Straight to Your Brain.

Make sure to see my KILL JUNK MAIL

Please also help me spread the word about my miniature artwork hunts, as I hide tiny artworks across the midwest and west coast of the US.

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