Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brick W@ll Creature

For the last month I have been buckling down and throwing every possible idea into my new card game. I am trying to balance out powerful special features with other special features and keep the game as balanced as possible. I am currently up to 58 cards (although many need edits and some will not be included)

The biggest difficulties for me right now is time. Finding the time and tools to print off prototype cards, finding the time to copyright my game, to research other ideas, and playtest the game.

The cards are going to be featured as art cards. The game aspect is second to the artwork and collectability of the cards. I am going to make the cards harder to get, and more one of a kind than any typical card game. This is why part of my work is to find artists that are interested in putting artwork into the game and become part of the team.

The goal is to go out of your way to build a deck of cards, which in my game is only 10 cards. Acquiring the cards might come in many different forms. I am planning to find the best ways to print these cards to assure quality and playability.

I've finally finished the third draft of the rules, which continually will be updated as new rules and powers are added into the game. I cannot wait to go to Madison, Wisconsin and play my game with a new crowd at Forge Midwest.

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Noelevz said...

Sounds cool! I'm interested in making some card art for your game! Please tell me what can I do? :)

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