Monday, February 25, 2008

45 art cards

How my card game works

Its very simple, each side of the card is a statistic or catergory, when lined up against cards facing upside down sides match up and therefore battle. Your monsters must beat my monster by defeating two of the four sides of my monster/warrior. Although the design isnt finished, each red/green side rectangle will eventually have a tiny logo designating different elements or types.

Also, my game is very limited in card numbers to enhance the relationship with your own deck of cards. You will have either 10 or 12 total cards in your deck. You will draw a hand of three warriors and will never have more then three cards. The goal is to simply capture/kill more of your opponents monsters then they do of your own.

Create your own?

The fun thing about the game, is that all cards have a point system which makes them more or less even to every other card. No rarity, just a different dispensement of powers. Thus also making it very easy for players to potentially create their own characters/ or create your own power scheme for each individual monster (in the long run future of the game).

There are a few other rules, and special cards that come into play, including playing cards face down to hide their identity, brick wall sides, point transfer characters, the all seeing eye, mirror ect.

I've been able to explain the game to anyone that plays within 5 mins and play a competitive game within 20 minutes. Which i am very happy about.

I am currently going through a distribution system based on all my special cards and every possible pattern of point distribution and making sure their arent any unfair combinations or strategies which would prove to be unbeatable.

Check back often for more details of cards, also see my last post with up close looks of a few of my cards. I am thinking of travelling to Madison, Wisconsin to partake in a game convention at Forge Midwest.

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Noelevz said...

I think its gonna be a cool game. Wanna see more of the individual cards up close.

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