Monday, November 19, 2007

Dragon Fly Ninja Cycle -airbrush project

Work in Progess
Our newest project is our dragonfly bike. Here is our artist rendition of the project. We are now getting the parts of the motorcycle, and contacting the owner to get the design approved. The step following will be the selection of actual Xotic colors to appear on the bike.

Dragonfly Design
The ninja style bike has headlights that are similar to the eyes of an insect. The owner of the bike is Jay from Full Power Cycles here in Hopkins, Minnesota. When I met with him to take pictures, we discussed the idea of turning the bike into an insect.

Store Front
When the bike is finished and a success it will sit in the front window of Full Power Cycles' new shop opening this month. We have plans to use imagin' colors on the insect wings, which are similar to the House of Kolors cameleon paint which changes color in the light.

Billy and the Old Man Design
If you are unfamiliar with me and the reason I am doing an airbrushing project like this: I have started an airbrushing company with Pat Reese in Minneapolis, Minnesota called Billy and the Old Man Design. We custom paint motorcycles, goalie helmets, bodypainting, and just about anything else you can think of. We also do fine art, hold art shows, offer airbrushing classes, and sell Xotic paint and airbrushes. Check out the link for our website and gallery.

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