Sunday, April 20, 2014

Good Bye Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior inspired artwork by William Hessian. See more here: Ultimate Warrior Collection
I grew up in the 80s and Ultimate Warrior blasted into my childhood like a neon He-Man figure came bursting to life. His iconic image, with neon facepaint, long hair, neon arm tassles, his snarls, his incoherent ramblings have never left my mind, and much like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesm it changed my existence on this planet. When something appears that is so different, so unique that it causes your brain to make a new category, you know it is something good. I will forever miss the Ultimate Warrior and thank him for what he meant to me in my artistic life.

Above is a comic strip about naming the Ultimate Warrior collection

Here is me as the Ultimate William. Homage to the Ultimate Warrior

Check out the Ultimate Warrior Collection for more drawings inspired by the legend.

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